Ancona flight school IT.ATO.0011

Professional training for pilots

The school is based in an international airport with all the infrastructure of a high standard airport. Tower, approach and instrumental procedures together with a not congested air traffic help trainees to proceed their path without waisting time.

The school wants to maintain its role of promoter of the aeronautical culture, its values and its passion especially with young students, keeping high standards of professionalism and thinking about the pilot of the future. Flight instructors, teachers and the school staff came all from a well experienced background as pilots and knowledge promoters.

70 years of history

Over 70 years of history as GA activity and power-driven aircraft in Marche region.

In the documents found in the school we found the proof of its existence in 1940. At the end of the ‘50s the school started to get its shape under jurisdictional point of view. In Italy, during that time, aeroclubs were the only training facilities for the future pilots, civil and military. Many pilots moved their first step with us starting from this airport.

Over time technology, air transport industry and training standards have been deeply changed, therefore our commitment to keep up with changed has always been a must.

The facility

Marche Airport – LIPY

The school main building, the hangar with offices and workshop, a long runway of almost 3000 metres with all the technologies. All these facilities allow us to give the best training starting from basic to pro, from VFR to PBN procedures with an international environment and often communicating in English.

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Our services


Ancona Aeroclub offers high standards training. Get more informations to start your course


We help you to convert your licence not issued by EASA. Get more informations.


Get your Rating (SEP, MEP, IR and more) with our instructors and examiners.


We offer a discount to park your vehicle in the airport parking lot

Why choose us?


We choose to use the best tools to train our pilots. Thanks to our modern fleet, newest instrumentation and our willing to keep up with training programs in continuous evolution.


Our presence in Marche International Airport allow us to connect north and south Italy and to spread the aviation culture.


We operate using our professionalism as the key factor.


We work with well experienced staff, from instructors to teachers, including mechanics and administration workers