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Our airplanes

We provide a wide variety of aircrafts for trainees and renters, including our fresh new Cessna C172 SP G1000 equipped, a Piper Pa28 with retractable landing gear a variable pitch propeller, a Cessna C152 with G5, Cessna C150 and a tecnam P92 JS with GPS.

Here you can find further informations about our fleet, performances and the pricelist.

Performances details


Aereoclub AnconaPowerCruise SpeedSeatsEmpty WeightRegistration
Tecnam P92100HP108Kts2325KgI-VLIS
Cessna C172 SP180HP124Kts4779KgI-GESP
Cessna C152110HP110Kts2518KgI-AMCP
Piper PA28 RT200HP160Kts4767KgI-PIKY
Cessna C150100HP106kt2462kgI-NOLL
Partenavia P68400HP149kt4-61250kgI-CCTC

The performances in this website might differ from the actual ones. In all cases we suggest to pilots to check aircrafts POH.


Aereoclub AnconaAircraftAircraft and FI
Tecnam P92€ 168,00€ 218,40
Cessna C152€ 168,00€ 218,40
Cessna C150€ 168,00€ 218,40
Cesena C172 SP€ 240,00€ 290,40
Piper PA28 RT€ 253,80€ 290,40
Partenavia P68€ 510,00€ 510,00

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For any kind of training activity please contact IT.ATO.0011