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Falconara Airport

Professional flight school to achieve all type of licenses for the aircraft

Official courses:
> Licenses: LAPL, PPL, CPL, ATPL
> Ratings: VFR/N, IR SE SP, IR ME SP, CR SEP/MEP, CB-IR, A/UPRT, Familiarizzazione per differenze, PA46 Meridian SET
> Certificates: FI, IRI, CRI MEP/SEP, Conversione licenze nazionali in FCL
> TEA - Test of English Aviation. Test centre n°32

Fleet: P92J VFR, C152II VFR, C150F VFR, C172 SP G1000 IFR, PA28 RT-201 IFR, P68 VICTOR IFR

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Flying is like swimming. You cannot forget it easily... I can still feel the cloche on my right, the throttle on my left, the rudders under my feet. And I can steel feel that sense of freedom.