LAPL Course

Course objective

The course main objective is to train a student pilot to the level required in order to achieve the LAPL (Light airplane pilot licence). To fly an airplane registered in a certain EU country an endorsement from the registering country authority is required.


LAPL holders can fly as PIC (Pilot in Command), without remuneration, single engine piston airplanes with a maximum take off weight of 2.000kg or less, carrying up to 3 passengers for a maximum of 4 people on board.


The applicant for LAPL shall:

  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Hold a valid 1st or 2nd or LAPL medical class certificate

Training program

  • 100 hours of classroom
  • 30 flight hours

Course content

  • Aeroclub membership and one year valid membership fee

  • Airport security training and permission to entry for one person

  • Training material

  • Theorical training

  • Practical training

Fly with us

At Ancona's Aeroclub you can fly with one of our flight instructor for 20 minutes for as little as 70.00€

If you choose us for one of our courses you will receive a credit of 70.00€ back

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