CPL(A) Course

Commercial Pilot Licence

Course objective

The main objective of the CPL(A) course is to train PPL(A) pilots in order to get their commercial licence.


In order to apply for the CPL(A) the pilot shall:

  • Have attended and successfully passed theorical and practical training in an recognized ATO
  • Have 200 hours of total flight time and 100 hours of PIC when apply for the exam (150 hours of total flight time when enrolling)
    Hold a valid 1st class medical certificate
  • Have completed a cross country flight with a minimum length of 200NM with full stop landings in two different airports from the airborne one

Contenuto del corso

  • Aeroclub membership and one year valid membership fee
  • Airport security training and permission to entry for one person
  • Training material
  • Theorical training
  • Practical training


The privileges of the holder of a CPL are, within the appropriate aircraft category, to:

  • exercise all the privileges of the holder of an LAPL and a PPL.
  • act as PIC or co-pilot of any aircraft engaged in operations other than commercial air transport.
  • act as PIC in commercial air transport of any single-pilot aircraft subject to the restrictions specified for recent experience
  • act as co-pilot in commercial air transport aircraft subject to the restrictions specified for recent experience

Training program

CPL(A) course is divided in multiple parts:

  • Theorical training, consisting of 250 hours. If the applicant has already succesfully passed ATPL(A) exams theorical instruction can be omitted
  • ARE 100 KSA exam, which needs to be passed
  • Practical training, consinsting of:
    • 10 hours of Basic IR (if applicant holds IR or Basic IR these flight time hours are not required
    • 5 hours of Night Rating flight (VFR/N holders can get these hours credited)
    • 15 hours of Dual of which at least 5 of them flown in a complex aircraft (4 seats, variable pitch and retractable landing gear)

Corso Teorico

200 ore totali

Suddivisioni Ore
regolamentazione aeronautica 20
conoscenze generali sugli aeromobili 25
prestazioni di volo e pianificazione 25
prestazioni umane e suoi limiti 5
meteorologia 25
navigazione 35
procedure operative 20
principi del volo 25
comunicazioni 20

Corso Pratico

35 ore totali

Suddivisioni Ore

Per i titolari di abilitazione al volo strumentale. 15 ore di volo di istruzione al volo a vista


Per i non titolari di abilitazione al volo strumentale. 25 ore di volo a Doppio Comando, incluso 10 ore di istruzione strumentale delle quali fino ad un massimo di 5 possono essere di FNPT II


I richiedenti privi della qualificazione al volo notturno devono effettuare 5 ore di istruzione al volo notturno. Almeno 5 ore dell’istruzione di volo devono essere effettuate su un velivolo certificato per il trasporto di almeno quattro persone, con elica a passo variabile e carrello retrattile.

Fly with us

At Ancona's Aeroclub you can fly with one of our flight instructor for 20 minutes for as little as 70.00€

If you choose us for one of our courses you will receive a credit of 70.00€ back

For further informations

Fill up the form with:

  • First name and family name

  • Place and date of birth

  • Home address (address, city, postal code)

  • Italian Tax Number

  • Cell phone and e-mail

  • ID copy

  • Italian Tax Number Card copy

  • Medical certificate (if available)



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