Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor

Course Objective

The main objective of this course is to transmit knowledge and skills in order to train a new pilot to get a licence, to renew it o revalidate it, focusing on the role of the person in relation to the human factor within the interaction between the pilot, the machine and the environment.

Other aspects are maturity and the ability to evaluate another person, including their intelligence, attitudes and their knowledge.


Pilots who want to apply to get an FI(A) license shall:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be at least a CPL(A) holders
    • Or: if PPL(A) holders, pilots need to have flown at least 200 hours of total time (150 hours as PIC)
    • Unless pilots want to be LAPL instructors solely, they must have successfully passed CPL(A) theorical exams
  • Successfully pass an entry test (SEP proficiency check)
    Have at least 30 of SEP flight time (5 of them within the last 6 months)
  • Have flown at least 10 IFR flight time (maximum 5 SIM hours)
  • Have flown 20 PIC Cross Country flight time, including a single X-Country flight of at least 300nm with 2 full stop landings in two different aerodromes
  • Have flown at least 500 hours (30 hours as PIC in the last 12 months) if applying as MEP FI
  • Pass an Assessment of competence with an appropriate examiner at the end of the course


A flight instructor can train a candidate in order to get a PPL(A), CPL(A) and other ratings according to their experience and qualifications.

Training program

Training programs depends on type of trainings that the future FI will issue.

Course content

  • Aeroclub membership and one year valid membership fee

  • Airport security training and permission to entry for one person

  • Training material

  • Theorical training

  • Practical training


If a FI applies to be able to train for other qualifications or ratings, his teaching and training abilities will be recognized.

Fly with us

At Ancona's Aeroclub you can fly with one of our flight instructor for 20 minutes for as little as 70.00€

If you choose us for one of our courses you will receive a credit of 70.00€ back.

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