SEP/MEP Class Ratings and Familiaritazions

Course objective

CR(A) course main objective is to transmit skills and knowledge in order to operate a safe flight in an aircraft of a peculiar class (Tail Wheel, Variable Pitch Propeller, Retractable Landing Gear, G1000, MEP)


Who applies to get the Class Rating shall:

  • Be CPL(A) or PPL(A) holder
  • Have a valid medical certificate

Course content

  • Aeroclub membership and one year valid membership fee

  • Airport security training and permission to entry for one person

  • Training material

  • Theorical training

  • Practical training


CR(A) pilots can operate commercial (if CPL holders) or non commercial flights in a wider variety of aircrafts.

Training program

Theorical part consists of 10 hours of instruction (14 hours in case of G10000 familiarization and 7 for MEP)

Practical part consist of:

Type of airplane

Minimum of training time

Type of training


6 hours dual

SEP Variable Pitch Propeller

3 hours dual

SEP Retractable Landing Gear

1 hour dual

SEP Tail Wheel

4 ore dual

SEP G1000

2 hours dual


Fly with us

At Ancona's Aeroclub you can fly with one of our flight instructor for 20 minutes for as little as 70.00€

If you choose us for one of our courses you will receive a credit of 70.00€ back

For further informations

Fill up the form with:

  • First name and family name

  • Place and date of birth

  • Home address (address, city, postal code)

  • Italian Tax Number

  • Cell phone and e-mail

  • ID copy

  • Italian Tax Number Card copy

  • Medical certificate (if available)



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